Smelling life


Pregnancy has given me a whole new set of skills, mostly based around my olfactory functions. I’ve always had a keen sense of smell (not always a blessing), but this has been drastically heightened this week. I am thinking of using my new sense of smell to fuel a career change, and came up with the following:

-sniffer dog at customs
-a teacher (I can smell cigarette smoke from 50 paces)
-mum (soap and toothpaste are utterly overpowering)

This week I have been working very hard to put a positive spin on things. Husband and I are very excited about this pregnancy, but it’s very hard to feel chipper when all you can think of from when you wake up to when you fall asleep is how disgustingly sick you feel. Especially when you have to work a demanding job and travel for work when trying desperately hard to hide your pregnancy until the 12 week scan.

This week I found train travel to be the most unpleasant way to spend time when in the pits of morning sickness. How I didn’t vomit on anyone whilst crammed onto a commuter train on Friday morning- I have no idea. Luckily I got a seat for all the bits of journey- but the 5 hours round trip was not appreciated. And what’s worse is having to do it all again next week.

I am quite proud of myself today as I have got up and achieved something (admittedly in the short 10 minute lull of feeling human after forcing down two buttered crumpets). Now I’m off for the hottest shower I can stand to wash the blues away….


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