I say “morning” you see- but what I really mean is afternoon. I could say what I mean, but to be honest it seems it’s much more fun to choose a time of day, allocate an attribute to it and then spread the myth!

Huh? Yes, I’m talking about “morning” sickness! Today is the first time that I have experienced morning sickness, despite the fact that I’ve been feeling nauseous for 4 days. That’s right, “morning” sickness can happen at any time of day and isn’t by any stretch of the imagination limited to just the morning.

The bonus I’d imagine, is that I haven’t actually been sick, just an overwhelming feeling of sickness that takes my breath away and leaves me wanting to curl up on the floor. Only problem is that curling up on the floor doesn’t seem to fix it. Eating crumpets on the other hand, does seem to fix it…. but one can’t be doing that all day!

So, it looks like I really really am pregnant. Which is terrifying really. Husband and I haven’t told anyone yet as we’re trying to be discreet until we’ve reached that all important 12 week scan. Whilst I realise that after the scan there are no guarantees that everything will be plain sailing, we’ll be past that initial threat of the  “First Trimester” which is when the baby is at the highest risk. I’m not sure I’m confident calling it a “baby” yet- it’s really just a bunch of cells the size of a grain of rice- but it’s amazing what the invisible changes inside your body are doing really.

What’s hardest is keeping the gob shut about it all. Obviously my lifestyle has had to change considerably in the last few weeks, but then I’ve been making these small changes ever since August 2011, when we first decided to try for a baby. That was a really  long time ago. I was using the depo-provera contracteption injection for about 18 months, as the thought of having a family seemed like a really long way away. After some discussions, we decided that financially it might be time to start trying as it may take a while, and so I stopped the injection.  We were aware that conception could take a while after coming off the depo injection, but we hadn’t quite been prepared for how long it took.  Whilst waiting, I had an accident with an irritating long-term injury which meant we did start to put things on hold a bit, but (if you see the distinction) rather than trying to conceive, we just weren’t trying not to conceive!

16 months later,  I decided to take a (slightly) early pregnancy test.  We had guests staying later in the week and I was hopeful that there might be a postive test. There wasn’t- but I came down with a crappy cold and figured that I could blame the tiredness etc on that. At the end of the weekend, I was still feeling ropey, so when the husband did the food shop, I asked him to pick up another test.

Whilst he cooked dinner, I got the test out of the way.

Or so I thought. Showed husband. Cried. Was speechless.

The day after, I had another go. Still positive.

 photo IMG_7012_zpsa92df64a.jpg

I’ll continue the story later……


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